Amana Tool Amana Rc-45716 Insert V Groove 90 Degree 1/4s

USA, United States

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21 Nov
Amana (46010) compression spiral 3 flute x 3/8 dia x 1-1/8 x 3/8 shank

Band New Amana Tool (46010) Solid Carbide Compression Spiral 3 Flute x 3/8 Dia x 1-1/8 x 3/8 Shank Special unique carbide for longer lifetime in abrasive material. Designed for CNC applications requiring high feed rates and a clean finish. Particularly suitable for double-sided melamine or laminated material.
21 Nov
Bosch 85434m 2-inch diameter 3/4-inch cut carbide tipped roundover router bit

New Bosch Router Bit # 85434M I ship to Continental US Thanks for looking!
20 Nov
Whiteside 2008 roundover router bit 1/2" sh 3/8" r x 1-1/4" d x 5/8" cl

Retails for $27.99 Whiteside Machine Company has been making top quality router bits since 1970. Using the latest technology, up-to-date machinery, and expert craftsmen, they make a bit that features thick, high grade carbide, accurately ground to produce the smoothest finish cuts on your work. Each bit is inspected after every manufacturing step to ensure satisfaction and consistent quality.
20 Nov
20 Nov
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