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27 Nov
Bausch and lomb b&l microscope made in japan

Good Bausch and Lomb Microscope. Objectives are 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x. Pay by PayPal only.
26 Nov
++ leitz hdr 50x / 0.75 objective (#4)

++ LEITZ HDR 50X / 0.75 OBJECTIVE (#4) Description : Thank you for your interest! We are auctioning off this ++  LEITZ HDR 50X / 0.75 OBJECTIVE Acquired from government surplus. As you know with most government agencies, when a new grant comes in, they have to justify the grant by buying new equipment leaving very useful equipment for surplus.  Comes as shown.
23 Nov
Antique spencer bufflo micro0scope with exters

Hi, you are looking at this Antique Microscope Kit from a Estate Sale.Up fp for your this is this Antique Spencer Bufflo Microscope with lots of Extras.You will receive the Microscope with 3 turrets lens,Extra Lens,Vertical Tilumin, 40 ACH len in a Lockable Wooden Carrying Case. Thank You for looking at my auction and God Bless!
22 Nov
10x-20x led binocular stereo microscope boom arm with gooseneck light

This is a binocular 10X & 20X stereo microscope on boom-arm with goose-neck LED light, providing clear sharp images. It comes with a binocular head, widefield eyepieces, a boom-arm stand, and a goose-neck LED light. The 45 degree inclined eye tubes and rubber eyeguards ensure an easy observation.
21 Nov
Chiu technical mercury-100 microscope illuminator light source power supply

Thank you for visiting Wazobia Enterprise. We sell both new and used items. Most are surplus items previously used by local university hospitals, private companies, government institutions and agencies.
21 Nov
New! walter products microscope bmt-402

Up For Auction New! Walter Products Microscope BMT-402 New/Open As seen in picturesCancellation of auction @ buyers request will be accepted and will also result in the buyer paying 10% restocking fee and any fees not reimbursed by TZSupplies for this auction ( normal fees not reimbursed by TZSupplies is a .30 cent listing fee)
21 Nov
Fisher scientific micromaster microscope cat. # 12-561-4b

21 Nov
Olympus stereo microscope sz40 head with stand sz4045

Olympus Stereo Microscope SZ40 Head with Stand (M-12-A) HC We are very pleased to offer here this Olympus Stereo Microscope SZ40 Head with Stand in very good condition This microscope head w/stand was recently purchased from a local government facility which was removing excess, working laboratory equipment. This microscope head & stand has been tested and found to be in very good working condition. The controls are responsive and are easy to adjust.
21 Nov
Accu-scope head with eye pieces sw10x-h/22

Phone: 732-919-3339 Fax: 732-919-3332 ------------------------------------------ Description ACCU-SCOPE Head With Eye Pieces SW10X-H/22 Sold AS-IS Untested No Other Accessories NO MICROSCOPE OR OBJECTIVES Terms and Conditions OUR ITEMS (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED) ARE AS IS/UNTESTED/MAY NOT WORK. This Sale Only Includes What Is Pictured. Packing Handling Is In Business Days We Pack With Foam "Pack-in-Place" (Questions?
20 Nov
20 Nov
Nikon labophot-pol polarizing trinocular microscope w/ (4) objectives

Nikon Labophot-Pol Polarizing Trinocular Microscope w/ (4) Objectives A Nikon Labophot-Pol Polarizing Trinocular Microscope. Included is a teaching head with (2) B&L 10X W.F. Stereo Microscope Eyepieces.
20 Nov
Leitz laborlux 12 hl reflected light microscope w/ (5) objectives npl / fluotar

Leitz Laborlux 12 HL Reflected Light Microscope w/ (5) Objectives NPL / Fluotar A Leitz Laborlux 12 HL Reflected Light Microscope. Included: (2) Leitz Periplan GF 10X Eyepieces (1) Leitz NPL Fluotar 5X/0.09 DF Objective (1) Leitz NPL 10X/0.20 Objective (1) Leitz NPL 20X/0.40 Objective (1) Leitz NPL 50X/0.85 Objective (1) Leitz NPL 100X/0.90 Objective Coarse adjustment is a little stiff and there is a small burr along the adjustment, however the fine adjustment is very smooth.
20 Nov
Accu-scope 3025 microscope - never used

Microscope in excellent condition. Only demonstrated a couple of times. Never used in a lab.  Objectives are Plan 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x.
20 Nov
Accu-scope 3012 microscope - demo unit

This microscope was only used for demonstrations a couple of times.  It is trinocular with a c- mount attached.  Objectives are Plan 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x. Pay by PayPal only. Thanks for looking.
19 Nov
Micromaster fisher scientific microscope for labs

We are selling: MICROMASTER Fisher Scientific Microscope for Labs No way to test Power on & power cord is include. Selling same as picture & no return will except.Please check all the pictures before bid. This item is being sold "AS-IS" but guaranteed to be as pictured and described.

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