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Meditech handheld lung spirometer spirox-p with wireless bluetooth
US $101.00

SPIROX P SpirOx-P Pocket Spirometer with PC Spirometry reports. The SpirOx p is quick and easy to use as part of a routine physical examination. it comes with the ‘SpirOx P Reports’ PC software for creating PDF’s that can be viewed, archived, transmitted or printed.
Meditech easy-to-use spirometer (spirox) and with spirosoft analyzer software
US $101.00

SPIROX SpirOx is a hand-held Spirometer for examining lung function. SpirOx fit for : Hospital. Clinic.
Meditech fos2 handheld pulse oximeter with color monitor
US $101.00

FOS2 PRO FOs2pro Meditech handheld pulse oximeter, color monitor with SPO2 wave and pulse histogram display. Alarm sets to detect low voltage and abnormal SPO2 and Pulse Rate. Interference resistance capacity ensures a good stable operation.It is integrated with rechargeable Li battery.
Meditech fos3 plus oximeter with automatically power off without signal
US $101.00

FOS3 PLUS FOs3 plus Meditech fingeritp pulse oximete, Color high-clearance screen with 4 display modes and the brightness can be adjustable. Alarm sets for low voltage, abnormal SPO2 and PR. FOs3 plus will be automatically power off without signal.
Meditech pulse histogram and 2 kinds spo2 wave display oximeter oxyo
US $101.00

OXYO OxyO Color OLED screen Pulse Oximeter, 6 different display modes 4 level brightness,2 kinds Spo2 wave display
Meditech low voltage alarm display oxyi pulse oximeter
US $101.00

OXYI Oxyl Meditech Pulse Oximeter measures pulse rate and oxygen saturation of children and adults. Up to 32 hours operating time with two batteries. One-key operation and internal alarm to detect low voltage are available.
Pulse rate oximeter oxyt with spo2 sensor from meditech group
US $101.00

OXYT OxyT Meditech handheld pulse oximeter has a large color screen, Touch button, with Built-in, switchable audio and visual alarm for SpO2 and Pulse Rate. Pulse histogram and SpO2 wave display. It has various review options and abundant reports.
Meditech patient monitor md9015 with 15 inch and perfect quality
US $101.00

Model name: MD9015 15" Patient Monitor ECG, SP02, NIBP, RESP .2-TEMP.
Meditech highly advanced multi parameter monitor md09x with abnormal data store
US $101.00

MD09X MD09X wrist multi-parameters monitor and individual parameter patient monitor. The smart multi-parameters monitor with a small size can simultaneously measure the ECG, Heart rate, Respiration, Blood pressure, SpO2 and Pulse rate. The individual parameter monitor can respectively measure the Blood pressure, Sp02 or the both.
Meditech perfectly designed md9000s multi parameter patient monitor with 12.1"color tft screen
US $101.00

MD9000S MD9000s patient monitor has a 12.1"color TFT screen. Monitoring ECG, SP02, NIBP, RESP .2-TEMP. PR as standard parameters, and 2-IBP, ETC02 and thermal printer as options,
Meditech md9015t monitor de parametros multiples md9015t con certificados ce e iso
US $101.00

MD9015T MD9015Touch screen 15 inch patient monitor 192-hour trend graph,1000 group of blood pressure list,ST segment measurements, arrhythmia analysis and more functions, Support up to 32 TCP/IP network connection,composed of a central information system.. Comes with remote control
Meditech md908 connected to central monitoring system by 3g, wi-fi or wired mode
US $101.00

MD908 Meditech MD908 is a compact Multi-parameter Patient Monitor with 8inch color TFT display. It has standard parameters as ECG, NIBP and SPO2, and optional parameters as RESP, 2-TEMP, 2-IBP, ETCO2, Network, Thermal Printer, Pacing Maker.
Meditech md905 monitor de multiples parametros con conexion bluetooth y pantalla tactil
US $101.00

MD905 MD905 Touch screen,5.0 inch color TFT Screen,simple for operating,quickly&accurately measure the data; Build-in rechargeable Li-battery, up to 15 hours running time, Support AC and DC power; Adjustable audible and visual alarms, and sensor off alarm
Meditech patient monitor with 12inch touch screen
US $101.00

MD9012 MD9012 Patient monitor 12inch TFT. Automatic temperature drift treatment of NIBP measuring patented technology;Friendly and configurable user interface;Powerful data review:Maximum 720-hour graphic and tabular trends, Up to10000 pieces of NIBP record storage, Wired or wireless networkable with Central Monitoring System;On-line upgrading keeps you updated;
Babysono fetal doppler from meditech group with audio stereo cable
US $101.00

BABYSONO BabySono comes with an audio output which can be connected with headphone for simple auscultation or simple listening, Can be connected to a recorder device to record baby's heartbeat to a CD, MP3, a PC, a cell phone or another storage medium of your choice to share the happiness with your friends and family members. Available in Orange and purple
Sonotech extra fetal heart rate doppler from meditech group
US $101.00

SONOTECH EXTRA Sonotech eXtra Fetal Heart Doppler Designed as a Ultrasonic probe to easy find the FBH and more comfortable for pregnant. Instruction marks are moulded not printed and wont erased by using. Head phone quality for clear sound and less noise The option phone cable compatible for almost all apps so you can record by phone and enjoy the apps functions Luxury package with magnetic lock for nice looking and better protection Soft case available with two colors" purple & Gray"
Md901f portable fetal monitor with screen from meditech group
US $101.00

MD901F MD901F Advanced fetal monitor with large color screen Light dexterous appearance, tops horizontally and walls can be hoisted
Meditech cardios pc based ecg machine12lead simultaneous
US $101.00

CARDIOS Cardios PC-based ECG provides you an affordable and portable 12-channel ECG solution with powerful data analysis functions. Optional advanced analysis functions secure clinical accuracy and maximum decision-making efficiency. Bluetooth Function available
Meditech portable ecg recorder 48h 12 lead holter heartrec eco+software
US $101.00

HEARTREC ECO HeartRec Eco contains recorder & analysis software. Recorder is an easy- to -use unit,which collects 12-lead ECG waveform synchronously and records continuously for 48 hours. With the clear operating interface, analysis software is easy for you to use, which can play back and classifying dispose ECG waveform stored in recorder and achieve kinds of analysis functions, such as arrhythmia, HRV, QTD, TWA
Meditech handheld ecg holter heartrec lite with software
US $101.00

HEARTREC LITE HeartRec Lite Holter ECG is intended for patients requiring ambulatory (Holter) monitoring. light weigh,large capacity and very professional Software.

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