Upright Scaffold Double Width Easy Up Aluminum Scaffolding W/ Platforms Staging

Elverson, Pennsylvania, United States

 Upright brand aluminum scaffolding.  48' wide by 96" long by approx. 27' tall if stacked straight up OR approx. 5 1/2' high by 62' long OR various combinations. Braces can be attached in a cross to strengthen scaffolding or used as outrigger supports Lightweight yet strong and easy to assemble. Bottom section can fold up with bracing attached to go though doors   Includes: 1. Base set with ez-up braces and wheels and a connector arm to attach two sections together 2.  4  ladder style sets with diagonal bracing 3. 10 individual diagonal support braces- a couple of them have stuck pins in the end(need to be lubricated) 4. 2- shorter braces that clip on horizontally to provide a handrail 5. 2- aluminum and plywood work platforms( plywood is ok but could be replaced at some point) 6. 2- full width connector platforms- no plywood.  these will connect two same height sections together to form a larger work platform Local pick up OR message for other arrangements- Can deliver or meet you within a reasonable distance. I can also look into a delivery service for you for a fee Great scaffolding at a great used price. will pay for itself in one job
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