1 Armature (armadura) + 2 Brushes Makita 9564c&cv, 9565c&cv - Stone Fabrication

  • Cape Coral, Florida, United States
  • May 25th
Armature for Makita 9564, 9565 C and CV models this listing is for one armature plus one pair brushes TIP nr. 1  if your makita is still making few sparks at speed 5 after replacing the Armature and the 2 brushes, Please consider to replace the brush holder too. we sell those here in EBAY too. You can find it under the key 1pair brush holder + 2 brushes Makita 9564, 9565, 9566 CV - stone fabrication after replacing the brush holder too, the sparks will disappear completely! TIP nr. 2 To remove the back bearing nr. 627 pos nr. 16 in the exploded view on your makita manual, we use a Battery Terminal puller. It work really well in the tight space between the bearing and the insulation washer nr. 14 see one in the picture. So you can re-use insulation washer and the bearing


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