50 Large Clear Plastic Packaging Tubes 1.25” X 5.50” Storage Tubes

  • Lockport, Illinois, United States
  • Nov 21st
  50 LARGE CLEAR PLASTIC PACKAGING TUBES 1.25” x 5.50” STORAGE TUBES Clear Tube Packaging Containers are extruded and can be can customized with printing, labeling, to create the most unique and functional package.  These Large Tube and Cap see through containers are great for Retail Product Packaging, Product Samples, Trade Show Product Give-a-Ways, Shipping Containers, Storage Containers, Product & Lab Testing, Content Dispensers, and much more.  Cap securely holds your contents air and water tight safe yet easily removes when needed.  More storage space and less expensive per volume than other tubes being sold.  Made in the USA by American Workers For You! These flat bottom clear plastic tubes stand upright for easy content identification and free up valuable work space area when using for table top storage.  They store well also horizontally in drawers, boxes, or other storage containers.  Quality construction allows for long term use while low price also allows for disposable usage.  These tubes are great for organizing and separating many small items which you can see inside the tube with just a glance while keeping them safe and contained as well.  You will want to use these in most every room in your house from the kitchen to the garage, basement, office desk, etc., for many things besides item storage or retail product packaging, so buy more than you think you will need now… you will be glad you did.  Qty    Price     Ea.    Shipping  12      9.95    .83    2.65  25     17.50    .70    Free  50     30.00    .60    Free 100     50.00    .50    Free 200     80.00    .40    Free 400    140.00   .35  Free 500    160.00  .32    Free Let's be honest "to yourself first" about shipping.  Can you go to the Post Office, UPS, or FedEx and tell them you want to send your package with that free shipping you see quoted on the internet and have them deliver it for free not asking you for any money?  Of course not, the only way they can be in business to deliver your package is to charge you for costs, plus profit to deliver again another day.  You yourself don't want to go to work all day just to hear you won't get paid for it just because the customer wanted something free, so they took it out of your paycheck.  Neither do the employees at USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc,. The truth is there is no such thing as free shipping as the cost always is there either for you to see or it is hidden in the price, yet it is still always there.  Plus you have to pay for the tape, packing, box or in this case Plastic Tube which if you will use for end product use will have to include in the cost of your product shipping.  But we all like to believe its free somehow just like kids like to believe in the tooth fairy even if it is Mom or Dad who slips the cash under the pillow.  Bottom line is, it does cost money for packaging and shipping so it is best to be realistic about it as it is a real part of life but it can get cheaper when spreading the cost out across a larger quantity in one shipment.  Plus it can take more time, work, cost, to ship a smaller purchase than a larger one so I am doing my best with the above prices to give you the absolute best value by quantity purchase.  See my other listings under the same title and category with different quantities for different price options as shown.  We will only ship to the PayPal confirmed address which is required. These larger sized tubes ship USPS at discount rate applied.                


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