Bossweld Tig Wire 309 X 2.4mm X 1 Kg - Stainless Steel - 300055h

US $129

  • malaga, Australia
  • Nov 16th
Machinery Mig Tig Plasma Stick / MMAW / Arc Gas Safety Non-Destructive Testing About Perth Aircon Hire Bossweld 309 x 2.4mm x 1 Kg $47.18 For welding type 309 also for 304 clad stainless steel, stainless to mild steel & stainless steel overlay work. Deposited metal contains an adequate amount of ferrite & shows good resistance to heat cracking. AWS Specification A5.9 ER309 Industry Specification A5.9 ER309 Features -High quality TIG rod -Used to weld 23%Cr, 12%Ni stainless steel -Excellent resistance to cracking Applications -Welding Dissimilar materials -Buffer layers prior to Hard Facing and Overlays -Joining of wrought or cast steels Sign up for our store newsletter Sign Up You May Also Like Bossweld Tig Wire 316L x 1.2mm x 1 Kg - $55.16 Bossweld Tig Wire 316L x 1.6mm x 1 Kg - $47.18 Bossweld Tig Wire 316L x 2.4mm x 1 Kg - $46.40 Bossweld Tig Wire 316L x 3.2mm x 1 Kg - $44.89 Similar Products Disposable Gas Bottle - ARGON / CO2 - 2. $115.94 Firefly Soft Goat Skin Tig Welders Glove $22.50 Magnetic Square Welders Welding Clamp 45 $12.99 400g Pack - 2.4mm PREMIUM Mild Steel TIG $14.99 © Hampdon Industrial Pty.Ltd


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