Corrosion Gone! 100-pack Lot - Cleans Battery Corrosion

  • Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Nov 15th
CORROSION GONE! 100-PACK LOT 100 Corrosion Gone! for $200.00 CORROSION GONE! - Battery Spring and Contact Cleaner REMOVES BATTERY CORROSION Cleans leakage from all types of batteries, including alkaline, nicad, nickel metal hydride, and zinc carbon cells. Revitalizes circuit boards that have been damaged by electrolytic capacitors Rejuvenates battery contacts on all battery-powered equipment including: Toys, Remote Controls, Radios, TVs, Phones, Flashlights PLUS Musical Equipment including Effects Boxes, Tuners, some Keyboards, Etc. Cleans corrosion on computer keyboards from leaking memory backup batteries.   ANOTHER USE FOR CORROSION GONE! CORROSION GONE! can also be used as a PRECISION RUST REMOVER . Just rub it on the rusted areas where you want the rust to be gone. It will act like a fine-grade sandpaper, but unlike sandpaper it gets into all corners and crevices. And because it is activated by rubbing, it only works where you want it to, not all over the place like Naval Jelly, which is great for dissolving rust but also dissolves paint or other coatings that you may want to preserve. So with careful application you can use Corrosion Gone! to remove the rust that you want to remove without wrecking painted areas that are right next to the rust. So for hobbyists, model railroaders, and all others who need a Precision Rust Remover, Corrosion Gone! is perfect for that. PLEASE NOTE: The GTIN Number for single unit of Corrosion Gone is 00831195006009 and its MPN number is 0600  


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