Home Oxygen Hose Reel

US $69.00

  • Stockport, Ohio, United States
  • Jan 30th
A low-tech solution to the problem of oxygen hose all over the floor! This reel will easily organize up to 50 feet of oxygen hose--- just wind it up. It comes with 25 feet of new oxygen hose and you can add more if you like. When it's time to replace the hose, that's easy too--- just unscrew 4 screws.  Check out the video on You Tube by Howie1945, "Do It yourself Oxygen Hose Reel." You can see how to make one of these yourself, or you can buy one, ready-made, from us. We use them in our home, so we know they work! To see it in action, check out Howie1945's You Tube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRVEDJTtRO8. We DO recommend that you watch this video, before purchasing, so you will know what to expect. FAQ--- No, the reeler does not automatically retract your hose, you must reel it back in by turning a little handle on the back by hand. Yes, you must watch and make sure the hose doesn't kink, and prevent any tangles by reeling gently and paying attention to the hose. Watch the video to see it in action. We have used ours for a year, and it really helps keep the extra hose off the floor where it can trip you up. Note--- this is a simple devise, designed to reel up loose oxygen hose. It is adapted from an electric cord reeler. All the electrical parts have been removed to accommodate the oxygen hose.  You can see the places where cords were meant to be plugged in, for its original purpose. The plugs don't connect to anything now.


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