Large Commercial Light Dimmer,variac, Superior Electrical, Luxtrol D2000

US $65.00

  • Detroit, Michigan, United States
  • Jan 29th
This Luxtrol D2000 - by the Superior Electric Co., voltage modifiers, can change your AC. voltage any place from 0 - 120 volts.  It WAS made to be plugged into your regular household or commercial wiring, without any modification.  They listed about $1,000.00 Each.  There are so many uses for them, it is impossible to list them all, such as light dimmers, for bars restaurants,even going to the rediculous extreme when used with a rectifier as a DC. battery charger,etc., etc., etc.. My Dad passed away and left me with 9 of these, they have all been checked out, and work very well.  I want to keep 4 of them for my variable doings, and sell the rest for $65.00 each.   Quite a Deal.  These are NOT the toy dimmers, you'll buy at say Home Depot, as these are commercial quality, and will dim any combination of any thing up to 2,000 watts, for example, thats 50 - 40 watt light bulbs, or 20 - 100 watt light bulbs, or any combination thereof, and do so for years to come.  Also, if you need, you can stack up to 5 together, and get 10,000 watt capacity.  Again, these are the real thing!  Why Not Buy IT NOW!!!   Please enlarge the pcitures (only showing one, but  have 9 total - all of them are exactely the same), and also zoom in to see close up shots, if you need more pictures, just email and let me know what you need, I can either add them to the listing or send them to you through eBays messages.  Shipping cost includes insurance, tracking number, box, and all packing materials needed.


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