Light Towers Allmand Night-lite Pro,sho-hd,2014,free Shipping 1 St 1000 Miles

  • Fort Myers, Florida, United States
  • Oct 26th
Allmand Light Towers Night-Lite Pro,SHO-HD,4-1250 Watt Bulbs,7.5KW,2014 3095 Hrs Allmand Light Towers Night-Lite Pro,SHO-HD,4-1250 Watt Bulbs,8KW,2014 1727 Hrs.Free Shipping 1st 1000 miles from Ft Myers, FL Zip Code 33912 Our Location Items On Sale About Us Shipping FAQ Jim Goodall, a 39 veteran in the Construction Equipment Business, former Senior Sales Manager for Nations Rent, Fort Lauderdale, position with Nations eliminated due to merger with Sunbelt Rentals, references include COO, Senior VP,s from Nations Rent 16331 Old US 41 Suite 301 Fort Myers, Florida 33912 For shipping information please call our office 239-254-4425 There are three measurements related to choosing the correct chain: Pitch, gauge and drive links. The 'Pitch' is defined simply as 'The distance between three rivets (bearings) divided by two'. The 'Pitch' is measured using a decimal imperial measurement. The 'Gauge' is width of the bar track, which is frequently.050 (sometimes .043 for smaller saws, .058 or .063 for larger) The number of links, which is determined by the length of the cutting edge of the bar. These could be 50, 55, 66, 72, 84 or 114 etc. Sharpening File sizes for chain sizes: Chain Pitch File Size 3/8 Low Profile 5/32" 0.325 Semi-Chisel 3/16" 0.325 Full-Chisel 11/64" 3/8 Full Profile 7/32" Check out our items on Sale Portable Light Tower, Wanco 6 K.W. Tier 3 Kubota, 60 Hour Runtime Allmand Light Tower 2014, Model Night Lite Pro 5000, in very good condition, 4-1250 light bulbs, 8KW,Kubota Diesel Powered, Fully assembled, Job Ready,. We have 22 units available, Call me for details if you are interested in more then one unit. Jim Goodall 239-776-5725 Specifications   NOTE: Refer to the Engine or Generator Operator’s Manual for specific engine or generator specifications.   Overall Dimensions Height - light tower lowered 10 ft (3,05m) Height - light tower raised 25 ft 6 in (7,77m) Length 14 ft 7 in (4,45m) Width (outriggers retracted) 4 ft 3 in (1,3m) Width (outriggers extended) 8 ft 10 in (2,69m) Dry Weight 1710 lbs (776 kg)   Trailer Hitch Coupler 2 inch (50,8mm) ball hitch Max Road Speed (paved road) 55 mph (90 km/h) Max Off-Road Speed 10 mph (16 km/h) en 25 Number of Axles 1 Axle Rating (GAWR) 2500 lbs (1134 kg) Tire Size and Rating ST175/80D13 Load Range ‘C’ Rims 13 x 4.5 JJ Cold Tire Inflation Pressure 36 psi (248 kPa) Trailer Light Connector 4-Pin plug / 7-pin (optional) Lifting Eye 1 Tie-Down Points 3 Rear Forklift Pockets 2 Number of Outrigger Stabilizers 2 Tongue Jack Standard Ground Rod Standard   Light Tower Sections 5 Max Continuous Wind Load 55 mph (90 km/h) (with jack and outriggers deployed on firm, level surface) Light Bar Rotation 359°   Generator 7.0 kW Standard 120VAC GFCI Outlet Standard 125/250VAC Twist - Lock Optional   Tower Lights SHO - HD 1250W Metal Halide (lumen rating: 150,000) Standard 60Hz SHO - HD 1250W Metal Halide Warm-Up Time: 2-4 minutes Re-Start Time: 10-15 minutes Light Fixtures Standard (sealed for all weather use) Light Fixture Weight 15 lbs (6,75 kg)   Engine Model Kubota D1005 Type Water Cooled 3-Cylinder Diesel Displacement 61 cu in (1001cc) Power @1800rpm 11.7hp (8,7kW) NOTE: Horsepower ratings are established in accordance with Society of Automotive Engineers Small Engine Test Code - J1349 GROSS Fuel System Indirect Injected Diesel Electrical System 12VDC Negative Ground Battery Type Group 24 Battery Rating 550 CCA (775 CCA Optional) Number of Batteries 1 Weight 205 lbs (93kg) Oil Capacity 5.4 qt (5,1 L) Lubrication Forced Lubrication By Pump Oil Filtration Cartridge Type Cooling System Pressurized radiator forced circulation with water pump Low Oil Pressure Shutdown Standard all engines High Engine Temperature Shutdown Standard all engines Glow Plug Cold Start Assist Standard all engines Fuel In North America, diesel fuels that meet ASTM D975 for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) are required to be used. ULSD has a maximum sulfur content of 15 parts per million (PPM) or 15 mg/ kg. Diesel fuel may be No. 1-D or No. 2-D. Engine Oil Use a high quality engine oil of API (American Petroleum Institute) service class CG-4/CH-4/CI-4. Refer to the Engine Operator’s Manual for more detailed engine oil requirements. Fuel Tank 45 gal (170 L) Cooling System 5.5 qt (5,2 L) Overflow Reservoir 1.1 qt (1,0 L) Jim Goodall Equipment Sales,  16331 Old US,Ft Myers, FL USA 33912 44 Years Selling Quality Construction Equipment, Family owned and operated We have retail store and 20,000 sq ft warehouse in Ft Myers, FL Office 239-254-4425 Jim Goodall Direct 239-776-5725 Espanol call 239-450-8017 Exporters: We can deliver to any Port in FL Terms: We will accept Pay Pal or credit cards for domestic sales. Any International Sales will be bank transfer only. Subject to FL sales tax if shipped in FL or if picked up in FL. A resale certificate will be required for any tax exempt purchase.Exporters we can delivery to any Port in FL for a fee.


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