New Cg2-600 Round Semi-automatic Cutting Machine 30-600mm 0.2-6.2rpm 220v

US $780.00

  • Shenzhen,Guangdong, China
  • Jan 30th
template CG2-600 round semi-automatic cutting  machine 30-600mm 0.2-6.2rpm 220V Fast shpping DHL /  EMS / Fedex Note:This item do not support  110V! Manual Description: CG2-round series semi-automatic cutting machine has CG2-600/CG2-1000,used in  petroleum,chemical,shipbuilding,power generation,machinery manufacturing  enterprises using oxygen,acetylene or oxygen,liquefied petroleum gas and other  gases to cut the hole and flange and other artifacts Characteristics: Series of semi-circular cutting machine CG2 through three support points placed  on the base plate to be cut,the motor can adjust the length of the radius rod  driven through a gearbox to drive again rotates torch cutting,also available in  vertical and angle steel the display case for cutting,gas cutting and can be  concentric,The circular cutting machine can use to improve the  effectiveness,quality assurance,reduce labor intensity Parameter: 1. Body Dimensions:750*300*700mm 2. Cutting diameter:30-600mm 3. Cutting plate thickness:5-100mm 4. Cutting speed:0.2-6.2r.p.m 5. Cutting precision:


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