(see Video ) Brinkmann B-169 Vacuum Aspirator

US $450.00

  • Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States
  • Jan 30th
Listing Name (see Video ) Brinkmann B-169 Vacuum Aspirator Discription of Listing The Brinkmann Model B-169 Vacuum Aspirator provides a reliable vacuum source using a 10 liter reservoir. By recirculating its contents the unit eliminates environmental contamination caused when corrosive vapors travel down a drain. A 15L/min flow rate quickly achieves an ultimate vacuum of 20mbar on two independent vacuum ports. Polypropylene reservoir resists corrosive vapors. 115V 60Hz Image Item ID 2140407 Product Video Presentation Video presentations were filmed at the time of inventory assignment. The video just shows how the instrument was functioning at that time. Payment via Paypal Pay Via Paypal What is a POD™ Price The “Price On Dock” term (in summary) refers to an AS-IS / WHERE IS purchase transaction where the buyer is responsible for removing, packaging, and transportation costs.  The seller is responsible for delivering the item to the edge of the dock. This replicates an auction setting in which the buyer can control and optimize low cost packaging and transportation cost.  Please see below for additional details. The buyer's responsibilities:      Pay for purchased goods within 48 hours Contact us for Agent Release form and recommend POD Shippers Coordinate the pickup of the purchased goods at the seller Dock within 72 hours. The 72 hours begin at the time of sale - not the time of payment.  All buyer agents and direct customers pick up must call for an appointment and receive a confirmation pickup number. Additional time for pickup and payment can be granted on a case-by-case basis. All agreements must be in writing. No verbal contacts will be accepted. The seller's responsibilities: Item(s) shall be moved to the loading dock or door area for pickup at the time of payment. If necessary, verification of Agent Release Form Notification buyer of pickup and final receipt. Conditions of sale - " AS IS / WHERE IS " Contact Customer Service for POD Shippers and Agent release form (609) 518 9100


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