Wood Veneer Wenge 49x23 1pcs Total 10mil Paper Backed "exotic" Rko 37

US $30.00

  • Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States
  • Jan 30th
Wood Veneer Wenge 49x23 1pcs total 10Mil Paper Backed  "EXOTIC" RKO 37, The Xpcs total refers to how many pieces total are in this lot, the size are in inches and the code after "EXOTIC" refers to our inventory. Other sizes and backed veneer may be available.  10mil glue paper backed sheets can be sanded and final inspected for a small fee, please inquire. About pictures:  Color adjustments have been made to show the color as best as is possible. It is impossible to get photos exactly correct in color, but we have made an effort to do so. Backed products that are on 10mil paper glue backer refer to one side being a glue substance in which we heat up in our press and apply to one side of the veneer.  The other side is paper, for that side you can apply your bonding agent you so choose to do work with, we would suggest you go to the internet and look for the best solution to this. For raw veneer or un-backed products, we suggest using the Internet to see what advice is available as opinions vary on the best way to handle that product. Below is general information for most of our products. Make sure you check the listing to see which applies to the above product in particular.  Thickness: (will not always be exactly correct, but relatively close) Paper-backed veneers = 1/40”  Wood-backed veneers = 1/25” Raw plain veneer with no backing = 1/32”-1/42” How to cut: Generally cut with a razor/box knife or similar tools and some type of straight edge. How to apply: Paper-backed and wood-backed veneers are generally applied with contact cement. Raw plain veneer is applied with white or yellow wood glue and must have pressure applied while drying. How to finish: Most any conventional finishing products can be used with veneer that is applied correctly. Staining or clear coating is fine. Disclaimer: Sometimes veneers have minor splits or tears in them. These are usually taped or repaired in some manner and shouldn’t impact overall quality or satisfaction. There may also be some minor wood filler used to fill cracks and other crevices that may exist. Wood products are rarely perfect and some consideration of that may be needed occasionally since this is a natural product and is rarely ever perfect. Some sanding is usually required before finishing to prepare the surface for a finish and occasionally to remove veneer tape, splice glue, or some other imperfection. ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE IN INCHES SHIPPING WILL BE COMBINED IF YOU WIN MULTIPLE AUCTIONS SOME SPLITS AT THE END OF RAW VENEER


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