24pcs Gas Lens Consumables Kit Back Cap Collet Body For Tig Welding Sr Wp 9 20

US $16.39

  • shenzhen, China
  • Jan 30th
24pcs TIG Gas Lens Consumables KIT Back Cap Collet Body For TIG Welding Machine Torch SR WP9 20 25 Details:     Insulator Cup Gasket 1pc 1pc   598882    Cup Gasket        TIG Back Cap 2pcs 1pc    41V24     Back Cap Long 1pc    41V33     Back Cap Short     TIG Collets 6pcs 2pcs    13N22    Collet 1.60mm & 1/16 " 2pcs    13N23    Collet 2.4mm & 3/32 " 2pcs    13N24    Collet 3.2mm & 1/8 "    TIG Collet Body 3pcs 1pc    13N27   Collet Body1.60mm & 1/16 " 1pc    13N28   Collet Body2.4mm & 3/32 " 1pc    13N29   Collet Body3.2mm & 1/8 "        TIG Collet Body Gas Lens 3pcs 1pc   45V43     Collet Body Gas Lens1.6 mm & 1/16 " 1pc   45V44     Collet Body Gas Lens2.4 mm & 3/32 " 1pc   45V45      Collet Body Gas Lens3.2 mm & 1/8 "      TIG Alumina nozzle 5pcs 1pc    13N08   Alumina nozzle D6.5mm x 1/4"-size 4 1pc   13N09   Alumina nozzle D8.0mm x 5/16"-size 5 1pc    13N10   Alumina nozzle D9.50mm x 3/8"-size 6 1pc    13N11   Alumina nozzle D11.0mm x 7/16"-size 7 1pc    13N12   Alumina nozzle D12.50mm x 1/2"-size 8     TIG Alumina nozzle Gas Lens 4pcs 1pc    53N58     Alumina nozzle Gas Lens D6.5mm x 1/4"-size 4 1pc    53N59     Alumina nozzle Gas Lens D8.0mm x 5/16"-size 5 1pc    53N60     Alumina nozzle Gas Lens D9.50mm x 3/8"-size 6 1pc    53N61     Alumina nozzle Gas Lens D11.0mm x 7/16"-size 7


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