Ezpure Plasmid Dna Purification Kit - 50 Mini Preparations

US $1000

  • Gainesville, Florida, United States
  • Jan 30th
EZPURE Plasmid DNA Purification Kit for 50 Mini Preperations Fast, Easy, Environment-friendly Kit For High Quality Plasmid DNA Purification Unique Features: -   Environment-Friendly Formula: NO Chaotropic Salt, NO Guanidine -   Membrane-based Purification Kit -   Super Fast, Easy Procedure     From Bacteria To High Purity DNA in about 15 min. -   High Purity: Sequencing Quality Plasmid DNA -   High Yield: 30 ug Binding Capacity Per Column Kit Includes: 1 bottle each of buffer A, B, E, Elution buffer (water), RNase, and DNA sample loading buffer 50 DNA binding columns, 50 collection columns 14 days satisfaction guarantee, buyer pays return shipping. New kit. Made in USA MSRP: $60


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