Field Notes Pencil - Carpenter , 3-pack~

  • Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
  • Jun 1st
MUST READ BEFORE BIDDING!   Due to eBay's return policy:   When a buyer requests a refund on an item they purchased on eBay, the seller is ALWAYS forced to pay for the return shipping cost if the seller wants the item returned to them. Lately we have noticed an increased volume of unscrupulous  buyers taking advantage of this policy in an attempt to not only obtain a full refund, but to be able to keep the item as well, because it may not be cost effective for the seller to pay for an items return. Therefore, every item we list on eBay will be listed in the category as "not working or sold for parts only, and sold as is with no returns. Even though every item we sell is always in good working order and described to the best of our ability as well as providing detailed photos. Until eBay revamps this unfair policy aimed solely at the seller, we will be forced to take this approach. Thank you for your understanding.   All items sold "as is" with NO RETURNS!   Brand New   Three 7" wooden carpenter pencils with black paint and white type, that won't roll away while you work and create. These pencils will fit nicely on your workbench, your coverall pocket, behind most ears, or in your messenger bag, and look cool to boot! Made in USA.


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