Scaffolding Walk Through Mason Scaffold Complete Set!!!

Shepherd, Montana, United States

A full set of frames, braces, outriggers, and bolted 16 foot wood planks. These were all bought within the last year. Most of these were used just this last summer. And some of these have never been used.  Purchased new all of this was close to $10,000 Make an offer, these have barely been used and are in excellent condition! 76 frames 5 ft x 7 ft x 6'7" tall 54 heavy duty outriggers 60 16ft bolted wooden planks (2x10) 14 mud stands 80 regular outriggers 6 corner outriggers pallet of pads cross braces to match all frames 25 feet 23 screw jacks 22 screw jacks with welded feet bucket of pigtails (gravity locks) This is a good sized trailer load of equipment.  I've got a 24' flat bed trailer that could haul of this in one shot but it is loaded! Call with any questions. 406-671-0356 These are in extremely good condition you will not be disappointed.  They have been taken care of well!!!!!
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